How to find us

We are based in South Haute-Vienne Dept 87 adjoining the borders of the Dordogne Dept 24 and the Charente Dept 16.

Our nearest town, just a few minutes away, is St Mathieu, with the larger towns of Rochechouart and St Junien close by.

There are many ways of reaching us here in the Haute-Vienne. By car and ferry, aeroplane or train, or indeed a mixture.

We are just 40 mins drive from Limoges Airport. This is an easy drive with no motorways and no routes through large towns as Limoges Airport is situated on the outskirts of Limoges itself in the French countryside.

Click to access Limoges Airport Timetables, or see the various links below.

Our approximate co-ordinates, if you are using Satellite Navigation are: +45° 42' 7.57", +0° 42' 48.64 Elevation 270 metres.
WWW.RYANAIR.COM Liverpool - Limoges, Stanstead - Limoges, East Midlands - Limoges, Bristol - Limoges, Stanstead - Angouleme . 
WWW.EASYJET.COM Liverpool- Paris and other french airports.
WWW.FLYBE.COM Gatwick - Limoges, Birmingham - Limoges, Manchester - Limoges, Edinburgh - Limoges, Southampton - Limoges, Newcastle - Limoges.

WWW.FERRYSAVERS.CO.UK This site gives a massive choice of ferries from all UK ports to all French ports.

WWW.RAILEUROPE.CO.UK This site gives you timetables and prices for UK to France Travel
WWW.VOYAGES-SNCF.COM This site gives you timetables and prices within France.
WWW.VIAMICHELIN.CO.UK A great site, free to use, to help you plan your routes across France
WWW.FRIXO.COM Frixo is a road / motorway traffic reporting site It gives users up to date information as the site gets updated every 3 minutes via feeds from various sources including the government's official Highways Agency site
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To use Google to find us, please click"GOOGLE MAPS" you will find a scrollable, zoomable map with the added option of satellite photography.
(Please note that this does not give the exact location of our house but La Borderie can be clearly seen)
Also available are turn by turn directions from Limoges Airport if you are driving.
To view a map of the Haute-Vienne
If you have any questions regarding your travel plans please e-mail us.
For up to date weather forecasts for the Haute-Vienne click METEO FRANCE.